Permanent Mission of Nigeria to ECOWAS
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Our Mandate

The Permanent Mission of Nigeria to ECOWAS Commission has the vision of ensuring that ECOWAS Programs and Projects have a direct, as well as positive impact on the citizens of Nigeria through the proper sensitization on these programs. The Mission also has the vision of following up approved ECOWAS projects to ensure they are implemented for the benefit of the Community citizen. Furthermore, we work towards having a Nigeria that would provide appropriate leadership for the sub-region through its activities and engagements in ECOWAS.

The Mission of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to ECOWAS is to serve as the vital link between Nigeria and ECOWAS. The Mission facilitates Nigeria’s engagement with ECOWAS Member States within the framework of the sub-regional organisation, as well as links the ECOWAS Commission with relevant MDA’s responsible for operationalization of programs in Nigeria. It therefore, shapes Nigeria’s policies and engagement in ECOWAS with a view to accruing benefits for Nigerian citizens who are by extension ECOWAS citizens.

Our highest priority is to build community and sustainable development.

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